Why should my business adopt crypto payments?

Why should my business adopt crypto payments?

Blockchain payments unlimited.


Credit card companies usually charge at least 3% for processing the payments. And there are charge-backs too. With Bitcoinus you have the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency payments for only 0,5% (or less, if paid in BITS) from the transaction amount. No hidden fees.


Accept Bitcoin payments from any corner of the world. Be sure to connect with crypto-rich customers. The number is growing rapidly every day and your business surely wants a piece of this cake.


Different payment methods oblige customers to share all the risks and expenses of payment fraud. With Bitcoinus payments, customers can pay without revealing secret personal information. We 100% guarantee that you will ALWAYS receive your payments when a client makes a transaction.

How your business can get paid in crypto?

There is a couple of useful tools that enable to accept cryptocurrency transactions.



Receive payments in bitcoin and other crypto from customers at checkout using popular e-commerce plugins.
Smart invoicing

Smart invoicing

Accept payments globally by generating invoices for any business for any service even if you DON'T have an online e-commerce. Get in touch with us and we will tell you more.
Sponsorship and charity

Sponsorship and charity

Receive donations from your sponsors or supporters with Bitcoinus payment processing.


  • Hosted checkout with payment buttons

    Insert crypto payments solution to your website.
    Simple – just copy/paste a few lines of script.

  • Easy integrations

    Adopt crypto payments through your e-commerce platform provider.

  • Plugins

    Most popular e-commerce plugins are ready to enable crypto payments on your website

  • Easy to attach invoices

    Disclose payment invoice directly on your website.
    Enable customers to pay without leaving the page.


  • Email invoicing

    Invoice clients electronically and get payment straight away in few seconds.

  • Billing plugins

    Add crypto payment option to the bills you send to your clients.

  • International payments

    Accept international payments with 100% secured, risk-free, and next-day bank settlement guarantees.

  • Planned billing option

    Select the best billing plan according to your business needs.


  • Online donation buttons

    Accept blockchain donations with easily-implemented sponsor button.

  • Customized contribution forms

    Adjust how you collect supporter information in the contribution forms.

  • Contribution platforms

    Accept crypto contributions through our integrations with external fundraising platforms.

Bank withdrawals

Choose Bitcoinus to accept payments in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Receive funds in EUR/USD directly to your corporate bank account.

Available almost in every country*

Bank withdrawals

Start accepting Bitcoin payments in only 24 hours!