IEO - a new wave in the crypto world?

IEO - a new wave in the crypto world?

After a big BOOM of ICO projects on 2017–2018, the 2019 year crypto trend is definitely IEO — initial exchange offering. Why it is so?

All the IEO projects supported by exchanges, what automatically provides the main obvious pluses comparing to ICOs

First of all, the IEO token sale managed by the trusted exchanges, what guarantee the fast token listing on this exchange. Thus, all the crypto holders who bought IEO tokens 100% sure that token will be listed as fast as a token sale is over.

The other important part is the crypto community trust. While ICO tokensbought on the website of each particular crypto project, IEO tokens are representing and selling on the trusted crypto exchanges and systems. All the IEO Launchpads understand the big responsibility for the projects represented on the system. That is why each IEO goes through the check before get listed: project legal documents, MVP system, team representatives, token information and community. 

From the other side, it is definitely more comfortable for a young project to be an IEO company, when you get serious support with the marketing part. The IEO token sale attracts exchange users, so there is a real natural interest to the new project and attract the real stable customer base.

What does Bitcoinus IEO Launchpad offer to IEOs?

Since we are not a crypto exchange as such, our main target is to be a provider of very vital extras, when it comes to successful IEOand all its future development stages as a company with their clients, products and etc. The following features form our basic package that is offered to all the new IEOs:

Bitcoinus team believes in a great collaboration between our company and IEO projects and aims not just organise the token sale, but to achieve the long-term partnerships with promising young companies.

In order to run a successful IEO, Bitcoinus also offer our trusted partners’ services. Our teamhas been working with them all this time with some on one occasion, with some — on another. 

EXTRA services provided for IEOs:

  • Bounty program with BountyHive.
  • Articles in top crypto media.
  • Full Bitcoinus email dedicated to the particular IEO.
  • Listing on an additional IEO platform + Coin listingto our partners crypto exchange.
  • Market making services.
  • Marketing in online channels.

This enables any IEO to get the full range of necessary services from only one source — Bitcoinus IEO launchpad partnerships. We take all the marketing work together with listing organisation and you are able to concentrate your forces exactly on project development. This is definitely a beneficial point for any young company.

We are truly excited about IEOs and strongly support this crypto trend, also as the increase of interesting and trusted crypto projects.

The future with digital currencies, be the part of it!

Bitcoinus team